Accepted Items:

Jewelry, Firearms, Cars, Electronics, Tablets, Cell Phones, Tools, Collectables, Coins, Televisions, Stereos, Musical Instruments, Computers, Gaming Systems, DVDs, Blu-rays, And more!

Sell Your Items:

You may have items around your home, taking up space, which you no longer want. J&S offers you a way to instantly turn your previously enjoyed items into fast cash or store credit, should you seek a trade in offer. Our easy selling process gives families the ability to secure instant spare capital so that they may further enjoy or upgrade their present lifestyle. You will walk out of our store with extra cash, a more organized home, and the knowledge that you are helping other families get the items they need. J&S is your community pawn shop.

Buy Confidently. Buy Smart:

Every product purchased by J&S is tested before we buy it, before it goes onto the sales floor and again, should you so desire, before you bring the product home. We stand by our products. We were confident in our purchase and we want you to be as well. Many of our items come with a warranty and/or service options, free of charge. Please speak with an associate to discover the benefits that come with your intended purchase.

Buy Confidently. Buy Smart:

If you see something in a J&S store that you want, but lack the funds needed to purchase it, we can hold your item with a small down payment. We have a wonderful layaway program you may utilize without any extra cost to you. We want you to get what you need.