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What should I do if I’m a victim of property theft?

Pawnshops, like many financial institutions, cannot give personally sensitive information to anyone other than law enforcement. But that does not mean, we do not strive to help you, in any way possible, within the constructs of the law.Keep in mind: although there are a few bad apples in every industry. pawnshops do not want to be in possession of stolen property nor do they deal with criminals, as doing so is a waste of time and money.The most important part of the recovery process is the filing of a police report within the jurisdiction where the theft occurred.Once you have filed with the correct police agency, please complete and submit the form provided: so, we can help in the prevention of theft, and misuse of our services. Send to Victims@JSPawnGuns.ComTake the police report and printout of missing items to your insurance company. Be persistent; keep checking used inventories at flea markets, pawnshops, garage sales, and local classifieds as well as online auction sites.Remember, the more information you have about your items the better chance law enforcement will have at locating and recovering your property.We will keep all submissions on record for 30 days.